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Running bet – Summarizing the 4 most effective ways to place running bets

The running bet is a familiar concept to those who have engaged in many football betting matches. It's an extremely enticing type of wager on sports betting websites and sportsbooks. In this article, Wintips will compile all detailed information quality soccer tips about this type of bet for readers to refer to.

Understanding the details of running bets

When it comes to the world of football betting, many people have surely heard of the term "running bet". It's one of the most impressive types of bets for newcomers to this field. To understand more about this form, readers should not skip the following section of the article.

How running bets work

An important point when participating in running bets is that you must grasp the real-time developments of the match. This means players need to watch the match live or use online sources to continuously monitor. Once the bet is placed, the running odds will change based on the actual progress of the match. The method of change is usually determined by the bookmakers, depending on various factors such as remaining time, current score, scoring opportunities, and many other factors that could affect the match. Betting enthusiasts can track these fluctuations and decide to place or withdraw bets based on real-time information.

Basic guide to playing running bets

Running bets are one of the most popular types of bets in football betting, but this form can still be quite complex if beginners don't understand how it works. Below are the details of the most effective ways to play running bets for new players.

Firstly, note that the over/under bet while the match is in progress and the over/under bet before kick-off have different calculation methods.

Suppose the score of the match at the current time is 0 - 1 and the bookmaker offers an over/under bet with odds of 1.5.

Betting over means if there are 2 more goals scored in the match, you win the bet.

Betting under means the match can only have 1 more goal scored for the bettor to win.

With running bets, players don't need to pay attention to the current score or match time. Only when the bet is placed and the match actually starts does the running bet have value. This factor has made placing running bets much more challenging.

Not only applicable to over/under bets, but the calculation method for running bets also applies to corner bets and running bets on fouls. The important thing is for beginners to master the calculation method and timing of placing bets to maximize winning opportunities.

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Which Matches to Bet on Live Odds?

Football betting can potentially bring significant profits, but to be successful, you need to choose your bets wisely. Live odds betting, or "running" odds, has many new characteristics and can be an attractive option if you know how to apply it. Here is a detailed guide on how to select matches for effective live odds betting.

Avoid Betting on Matches Between Teams Ranked 3rd to 5th

Matches between teams ranked from 3rd to 5th are usually very competitive and not easy to predict. When strong teams face each other, surprises can happen at any moment, increasing the risk for bettors. Therefore, beginners should avoid live odds betting on these matches and instead focus on matches with more attractive odds.

Choose Matches with Handicap Odds of 0.75, 0.5, or 0.25

Handicap odds such as 0.75, 0.5, and 0.25 create good opportunities for live betting. This strategy is extremely precise when the match is highly competitive and the outcome can change at any time. With these odds, players can leverage fluctuations to generate profits.

Limit Participation in U21 and Friendly Matches

U21 matches and friendly games are less stable and harder to predict. The lack of specific statistical data and certainty makes live betting on these types of matches highly risky. Instead of betting on live odds in these matches, bettors should choose official matches with better historical data for predictions.

Select Matches Involving Smaller Teams

Smaller teams have the potential to create surprises in matches, especially when facing larger teams and attracting less attention. When betting on live odds in matches involving smaller teams, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the market's lack of focus to generate significant profits.


Live odds betting is an impressive way to engage in football matches and add excitement to betting. However, to achieve high profits, players need to football tips app understand how live odds work and monitor the teams' situations before placing bets at reputable bookmakers.


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