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Share Betting Formula in Football For Newplayer

What is the football betting formula? In every football tournament, apart from the excitement of the events happening on the field, there are also distinguished by the thrilling betting odds. You can participate in predicting and placing bets to hunt for direct rewards at reputable bookmakers. However, find effective betting tips over 2.5 to increase your chances of winning. Let Wintips help you with that.

Football Betting Formula - How to Read Football Betting Odds

Before getting familiar with football betting formulas, players should understand how to read the odds most accurately to access this type of betting more easily!

Handicap Betting Odds

Handicap betting odds, also known by many other names, such as Asian handicap, over/under odds, handicap odds,... So, if players encounter those names, they can know they are the same thing. With this type of bet, players will be provided with a handicap odds level by the bookmaker. Each match will determine who is the better team (with better form, goal-scoring ability) and who is the least favored team.

1×2 Betting Odds

The 1×2 football betting formula is always of interest to many players. In fact, this is a simple betting method, but to analyze the winning possibilities, several methods need to be implemented. In 1×2 betting, the number 1 represents the home team, number 2 represents the away team, and the letter x represents a draw result. Bookmakers will provide specific statistics for players, and at the end of the match, you just need to calculate the winnings based on the odds.

Over/Under Betting Odds

Over/Under betting odds also appear frequently in the entertainment sections of casinos. Players participating in Over/Under betting will need to calculate the total number of goals that can be achieved. Bookmakers will provide a reference value for you, and with this value, players will decide whether to bet Over or Under. If the Over side wins, the total goals scored will be higher than the standard value; if it's lower, then the victory belongs to the Under side.

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Current Football Betting Formulas

Football betting formulas can help players predict the odds of winning bets. Below are some formulas that many betting enthusiasts have favored and chosen recently.

Calculating Betting Odds

Any bet only has a certain probability of winning. There are still many situations that can significantly change the outcome. Therefore, players must combine many qualitative and quantitative factors when participating. With the formula for calculating betting odds, players should remember the following formulas:

Probability of a match = P / (1 – P). P

So, applying the football betting formula to a specific bet, such as Over / Under, players will have a probability of 3 bets being ⅓, equivalent to 0.33. Therefore, when applying the formula, it will be 0.33 / (1 – 0.33) = 0.22. Thus, the winning odds for this bet will be 0.22. Additionally, players can also calculate betting amounts for events with high probabilities in the betting round.

Doubling Down

If the betting odds formula prevents players from using it right away, then use the doubling down formula. With this football betting formula, players can keep their bets at a safe level. At the same time, the possibility of making a profit is always present. However, in football betting, choosing to double down may prolong the time to recover the betting capital.

Surebets Formula

The Surebets football betting formula may still be quite unfamiliar to many players. When participating in betting on this bet, players need to ensure that they have selected the best reputable bookmakers. Specifically, for a tournament, players will choose multiple different websites. On each website, a different betting window will be selected.

So, when the game ends, it is entirely possible to recover some capital and profits for the player. This football betting formula is considered an ideal choice for those who participate in betting but fail.

Notes When Using Football Betting Formulas

If players only know how to apply simple betting formulas, it is not enough. Players will have a long process of experimenting with betting formulas. However, do not overlook the following notes to ensure a smoother betting process:

Apply the right formula at the right time: Football betting formulas for predicting betting odds should be implemented 3-5 days before the match. With reward formulas, players must wait for the game to end completely before multiplying by points. If players make mistakes when applying the formula, errors can be identified. Payment rates will be changed frequently during the game.

Update additional formulas on forums: Football betting formulas will be provided according to betting rules. However, certain predictive formulas will be drawn by many players during their betting participation. Therefore, players should absorb more useful knowledge about betting forums. Forums are places to exchange and share experiences of many players, choosing a quality forum will bring many advantages to players.

Don't fall for bait bets: To deceive many players, some bookmakers will offer carefully prepared bait bets that trap them. Since bettors tend to lean towards bets with a high probability of losing, there are often extremely suspicious signs. If players notice sudden changes in betting money before the match, they should be more cautious. Players can reanalyze their data to ensure its accuracy.

Bet the right amount of capital: Not all betting markets are suitable for football betting formulas. Therefore, if players are betting on unpredictable markets where no formula can be applied, reduce the value of the bet. Unlike normal betting where certain effective formulas can be applied, increasing the value of the prize money can bring more rewards to players.

Don't follow the crowd: In any situation, not just in the game, players should listen to themselves. Don't try to follow the crowd with the mentality of benefiting from it. Not every majority is right!

Football betting formulas are very diverse in many ways. Players can apply soccer tips sites the formulas provided in the article to know how much they can receive. The article has introduced betting enthusiasts with extremely useful information, hoping that players can apply it properly in their betting participation. Wish you success!


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